Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Live again in your skin! Hypnosis is an effective tool in helping those with the process of weight loss.

Phase 1 Wisdom

  • 1st Session- 1hr 30-45 minutes Questionnaire and 15 minutes Deep Breathing exercise. Take away: a getting started workbook including a few activities to jump start a new you.
  • 2nd Session- 15 minutes journaling disclosure, and 1hr 45 minutes hypnosis session of resolving the core issue of weight gain. Take away: a workbook including a personal contract, self hypnosis and recommendations.
  • 3rd Session- 15 minutes reflect previous journaling disclosure with a goal assessment form, 1 hr 45 minutes hypnosis for weight loss. Takeaway: powerful tools, shopping lists, and goal assessments.
  • 4th Session- Chromotherapy, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and 1 hr 45 minutes hypnotherapy for weight loss. Take away: Personalized activities for home and aromatherapy.

Complete 4 sessions of Phase 1 Wisdom is $800 (USD). To see lasting results it is recommended to do the full 8 sessions because of the brains ability to go back to old patterns if not reinforced over 72 days.

Phase 2 Renewal

  • 5th Session-15 minutes to revise last session goals and disclosure. 1hr 45 minutes hypnosis for weight loss. Take away: homework to have the wisdom and growth to excel beyond expectations.
  • 6th Session-Writing activity and goal assessment 15 minutes, 1 hr 45 minutes hypnotherapy for weight loss. Take away: Visualization techniques and clearing the closet activity.
  • 7th Session-Revisit the old patterns activity that kept you stuck and workout the new thoughts and activities which help you to lose weight. 1hr 45 minutes weight loss and self esteem boost hypnosis session. Take away: The complete weight loss success workbook.
  • 8th Session- 15 minutes wellness meditation and 1hr and 45 minutes long hypnosis session for treating the body as a temple and self esteem boost to further carry out positive lifestyle changes. Take away: Suggestions on how to recreate daily habits and behavioral patterns.

Complete 8 sessions of Phase 1 Wisdom and Phase 2 Renewal is $1,600 (USD).

Special : $200 OFF when 8 sessions are paid and booked in advance.