Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past life Regression and Soul Retrieval works on the spiritual level to release karmic ties. This program works well with people that desire an intimate relationship with their spirituality.

Phase 1 Wisdom

  • 1st Session-2 hour in-depth background interview and questionnaire to gain deep insight into the various aspects of one’s lifestyle and needs along with a take home program workbook.
  • 2nd Session-2 hour session- including hypnotic free flow writing and visiting common life themes or patterns in present life.
  • 3rd Session-2 hour recorded past life regression using hypnosis.
  • 4th Session-2 hour recorded past life regression using hypnosis.
  • Complete 4 sessions on Past Life regression is $800 (USD).

Phase 2 Renewal

  • 5th Session- 2 hour recorded past life regression using hypnosis and integrating past life for renewal in this life.
  • 6th Session- 2 hour Soul Retrieval through hypnosis.
  • 7th Session- Heart Math, Soul Retrieval through hypnosis and EFT* with emphasis on forgiveness and freedom.
  • 8th Session- 15 Minute Shamanic music journey, personal one on one lesson plan on how to renew the mind exercise, and Emotional Freedom Technique session while under Hypnosis with the emphasis on renewal.
  • Complete 16 hour sessions on Past Life regression and breaking bad karma lines passed through generations and soul retrieval is $1,800 (USD) and $200 off when programs are booked and paid in advance.

Given the very controversial topic of past life regression I encourage people to call and ask questions. There are far and wide topics concerning past life regression and often the beliefs vary from person to person. On a simple note past life regression may deeply open an individual to their core beliefs and personal narrative. If an individual has been holding toxic or wrong beliefs and wanting to cut the ties then this is a program designed for you.