About us

About Us

You Hypnosis provides individuals with radical and positive life transformation. Imagine a life where you are the best version of “You”. We help people suffering from issues pertaining to smoking, weight loss, stress/ anxiety, healing from a break up/ divorce, personal branding, and past life regression/ soul retrieval.

Our Philosophy

You Hypnosis believes in a comprehensive approach by first addressing the most recent concern while also organically taking into an account other lifestyle factors which may connect to the present concern or issue. In addition, finding areas in life where perhaps we are not living in our full potential. Our approach is considered holistic and using “upstream thinking” tied into aspects of health and well being. Upstream thinking is a perspective to the examination of either environmental or relational associated to problems with health. You hypnosis also uses upstream thinking in relation to any problem areas in one’s life by getting to the source of the issue instead of “treating” the issue and having the issue show up again.

You Hypnosis Goals for the Client

  • The first appointment questionnaire opens one to be honest with the areas in their current life which may need improvement and how one aspect of life may affect another.
  • Overcome obstacles using wisdom.
  • Learn how to renew the mind, spirit and body for positive development in life.
  • Taking the brave steps big or small daily towards positive lifestyle transformation.
  • Living every day with gratitude.
  • Enjoying the process of positive transformation because it is a journey and not a destination.
  • Waking up feeling an excitement to start the day, feeling refreshed and full of joy.
  • Learned at least a few coping mechanisms or actions to handle coping with feelings or hassles in life.
  • Insight into one’s life purpose and tapping into fulfilling their full potential.
  • Being able to monitor one’s own breathing and stress responses using mindfulness practices.
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment and the ability to create one’s life to not only just live, but thrive.