Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is about celebrating what makes you unique and focused attention on personal transformation.

Phase 1 Wisdom

  • 1st Session-2 hour in-depth background interview and questionnaire to gain deep insight into the various aspects of one’s lifestyle and needs along with a take home program workbook.
  • 2nd Session-2 hour hypnosis session uncovering hidden talents or strengths.
  • 3rd Session-2 hour hypnosis session on improving self esteem and self image.
  • 4th Session- 2 hour hypnosis session focusing on a certain weakness or problem area in one’s life.

Phase 2 Renewal

  • 5th Session- 2 hour hypnosis sessions chakra cleansing and defining what makes you unique and valuable.
  • 6th Session- 2 hour session- hypnosis session on image building and a simple Myers-Briggs Personality Reveal
  • 7th Session- 2 hour personal branding overview guided description, Mindfulness training using Heart Math Technology, and includes a demo session about how to renew the mind.
  • 8th Session- 2 hour session includes creating a personal contract from personal branding overview and a hypnosis session creating your best self.
  • Complete 16 hour discovery on Personal Branding from a spiritual and self promotion dynamic discovery is $1,600 (USD) and $200 off when programs are booked and paid in advance.