Meet Your Hypnotherapist

HELLO DEAR, I'm Scarlet

A hypnotherapist, health professional and a French chef. I have an unyielding desire to radically transform the lives of others.

In 2010, I faced countless number of personal life stressors in all aspects of my life. I observed a very wide gap in being able to locate and receive help. To find professional assistance in being able to analyze your life, have the tools to heal and transform then connect all of life's dots for you was not available. In 2011, I became a certified hypnotherapist and expert on neurolinguistic programming. I overcame my own personal struggles and since 2012 I founded You Hypnosis and helped hundreds of people transform their lives.

I've helped countless individuals and groups of people lose weight, quit smoking, reduce or eliminate stress & anxiety, heal from a breakup or a divorce, personal branding, heal from unknown causes (Past Life Regression) and learn to live with love, health, wealth and abundance. Become part of a community when you join our workshops and elevate yourself to new heights. I've been featured in Natural Awakenings Articles, I was on live radio KBOO Community Radio, Podcast Beyond so, collaborated and contributor in wellness cookbooks, publications: Flavors from the Void and Kombucha Revolution, Ist place Dessert Award winner from Kapalua Food and Wine Festival.

It's time to finally invest in yourself

I'm a certified hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic programming practitioner (NLP) through the National Guild of Hypnotists and extensive training under a master hypnotist. I've obtained a Bachelors of Science from Oregon Health and Science University and Portland State University: Community Health Prevention, Public Health. Ethical Human Subjects Research (HSR) Credential from CITI Program, I studied Liberal Arts and Business at University of Maui, and I'm a certified Chef; AOS in Occupational Studies from Le Cordon Bleu. I worked over 14 years as a chef and worked under 3 French Master Chefs.