"After several sessions at You Hypnosis, I felt improvement in my general well-being and more firmly anchored in my ultimate intentions. I appreciate her soothing voice and guided meditations, what a treat." 

-D. Wilde, Interior designer 

"Scarlet is an extremely creative and multi-talented individual. She is an expert in culinary skills. She is also an artist. She has vast interest and knowledge in Wellness related field. She takes tremendous effort to learn skills and methods in order to help heal people using alternative methods that supplement established medical care."

-Dr. Partha Rajagopal, PhD in material sciences

"Scarlet is extremely friendly and instantly creates a genuine feeling of comfort and familiarity. She is dedicated to her craft and passionate in seeking innovative and effective new ways to make her particular practice very progressive."

-Ryan Dacosta, Artist 

"Scarlet is highly intuitive, intelligent, interesting and a fun loving person. She is a natural healer and is methodical concerning the process of hypnosis. She will bring great value and touch the lives of others." 

-Bruce Terrill, Master Hypnotherapist

"I am using hypnosis for many years. Since I started to work with Sophia ( New You Hypnosis) I can announce that I am a "new you". Her gentle approach and intuition how to hypnotize and direct me, proved to work out very quickly and effectively. I am looking forward to my next appointments(s) since I know that the results will be effective and directed to my needs. You will leave a session feeling good, energetic and future even more promising and positive. "

-Dash, Engineering Manager