Stress & Anxiety Reduction


Constant stress on the body can bring about inflammation. There's another alternative by using hypnosis and mind- body medicine you can be relaxed and feel at peace again. 

Phase 1 Wisdom

  • 1st Session - 1 hr 30-45 minutes Questionnaire and 15 minutes Deep Breathing exercise. Take away:Journal along with Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
  • 2nd Session- 15 minutes  Anchoring a feeling of peace, 15 minutes Stress -Anxiety questionnaire, 1 hr 30 minutes of Stress- Anxiety Hypnotherapy session. Take away: Relax and unwind workbook.
  • 3rd Session- Journal disclosure, Chromotherapy 15 minutes, Aromatherapy for relaxation, Deep Breathing techniques 15 minutes, 1 hr 30 minutes of Stress- Anxiety Hypnotherapy session. Take away: How to make adjustments to lifestyle to reduce stress and breathing exercises workbook. 

Phase 2 Renewal

  • 4th Session- Journal disclosure reflection 15 minutes, 15 minutes Mindfulness Meditation practice, 1 hr 30 minutes Self Esteem Hypnotherapy. Take away: Poses, foods, meditation and mindfulness writing session and suggestions. 
  • 5th Session- Revisit prior disclosure and mindfulness goal setting 15 minutes, 15 minutes Heart Math- breathing log, 1 hr 30 minutes Reclaiming the Self and Serenity Hypnotherapy. Take away: Evaluation workbook and simplifying life, how to rewire your mind, and Heart Math information so to have in your wellness regime to use for a lifetime. 
  • Complete 10 hours (5 sessions) Stress and Anxiety Reduction is $1,000 (USD). Because of the general nature of stress and anxiety I give personalized work to do outside of the sessions so that the renewal phase in our physiology can take place.

Special: when you paid and booked all 5 sessions in advance you get a gift when you have completed all 5 sessions.