Happiness Habits

Here's a snapshot at 6 Habits to Happiness:

1) Be present, be in the moment and stay focused: what this means is not allowing thoughts of the past or future get in the way of the present moment. Gear your mind to only have focus on being in the moment whether it is on a task or spending quality time with a person. 

2) Be grateful and thank people: Everyday think of a list of things you are grateful for and tell a person. You may even write the things you are grateful for and start a list in a place that you see frequent in your home. Also, take a moment to thank a person for any of their kindness and generosity. 

3) Realize your life purpose: Realize you are a gift to this world and you have unique abilities and traits which no one else like you has in the world. Think about your life purpose and this life as a gift. 

4) Aspire to meaningful goals: We all leave this life someday and we all should realize no one is in this journey alone. Help those in need and become in touch with meaningful goals. 

5) Empathize with others: Have profound conversations with others and also find ways to feel what others are feeling with a soft gaze and open ears.

6) Give yourself: Give yourself grace by not punishing one for wrongs or mistakes. Mistakes are a part of growing and it's a natural process. Give yourself time to mediate and enjoy quiet time to connect with your inner voice. It takes time to learn how to quiet the noise so we can hear our true messages.