Happiness Habits

Here's a snapshot at 6 Habits to Happiness:

1) Be present, be in the moment and stay focused: what this means is not allowing thoughts of the past or future get in the way of the present moment. Gear your mind to only have focus on being in the moment whether it is on a task or spending quality time with a person. 

2) Be grateful and thank people: Everyday think of a list of things you are grateful for and tell a person. You may even write the things you are grateful for and start a list in a place that you see frequent in your home. Also, take a moment to thank a person for any of their kindness and generosity. 

3) Realize your life purpose: Realize you are a gift to this world and you have unique abilities and traits which no one else like you has in the world. Think about your life purpose and this life as a gift. 

4) Aspire to meaningful goals: We all leave this life someday and we all should realize no one is in this journey alone. Help those in need and become in touch with meaningful goals. 

5) Empathize with others: Have profound conversations with others and also find ways to feel what others are feeling with a soft gaze and open ears.

6) Give yourself: Give yourself grace by not punishing one for wrongs or mistakes. Mistakes are a part of growing and it's a natural process. Give yourself time to mediate and enjoy quiet time to connect with your inner voice. It takes time to learn how to quiet the noise so we can hear our true messages.

Healing and Meditation techniques from India

Namaste! After traveling to India and studying several meditation techniques I am excited to announce bringing active & physical meditation in combination with hypnosis programs. The careful process and selection of meditation techniques are being offered to assist in certain issues. Please stay tuned as programs take time to develop. 

Namaste! After traveling to India and studying several meditation techniques I am excited to announce bringing active & physical meditation in combination with hypnosis programs. The careful process and selection of meditation techniques are being offered to assist in certain issues. Please stay tuned as programs take time to develop. 

Good News! Hypnosis is used for the following concerns..

  •  Stress/ Anxiety/ Anger/ Panic Attacks
  • Smoking Cessation/ Alcoholism
  • Over Eating/ Weight Management
  • Self- Image, Self Esteem/ Motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Insomnia
  • Dealing with Loss
  • Phobias
  • Addiction to Substances
  • Sports/ Work Performance
  • Irritable- Bowl Syndrome
  • Childbirth/ Pregnancy
  • Pain Control
  • Cancer Patients
  • Uncovering old memories or Hidden Skillsets
  • Money Management/ Building Wealth
  • Mental or creative blockages/ Test Anxiety/ Procrastination

Happy 2017!

New You Hypnosis is going to be featured on Beyond 50 Radio January 11th at 9 am featuring regressive hypnosis for healing past wounds. This is an invoking topic encompassing areas which may be sensitive for some. The good news is there's a solution to every problem and where there is a wound light can enter and heal.

Hypnosis is an Effective Intervention

Hypnosis is an Effective Intervention

"Thousands of research studies have been published in peer- reviewed medical journals that support hypnosis as an effective intervention for mind-body healing. A comparative study of scientific literature by Dr. Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D, revealed the following recovery and therapy effectiveness rates, for various psychological intervention modalities of therapy: Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after an average 600 sessions, Behavioral Therapy: 72% recovery after an average 22 sessions, Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after an average 6 sessions ( Barrios, 1970)".

Holiday Season is Here!

Happy Holidays from New You Hypnosis. The holiday season may feel stressful for some people and others it brings a time of joy. How to transmute the stress into joy is simply by appreciating what you have and acknowledging what is beyond your control. Give thanks to not only yourself, but everyone that made you who you are today. Thank you!

Art, Writing and Breathing do Wonders on Health

There's more research showing how the heart and mind are connecting in wellness. There's much an opposition to once was thought as it's all in "your head". On my search and journey for answers on mind-body connection I am finding research on how valuable art, writing and deep breathing is on a persons overall well being. It doesn't take much to start: simply grab a pen and paper and some space to reflect and let yourself draw, write a few things to be thankful.. Take a few deep breaths!

Give Yourself.. Grace

As humans we embody different emotions.. Here's a practice to do when you feel just a bit off centered: 

1) Stop 2) Observe 3) Breathe 4) Step back 5) Feel the heart beat 6) Ask yourself these questions- Does moving forward in thought or action embody peace, love, compassion and understanding? 7) Deep breathing 8) Proceed with the hearts truth

Happy Independence Day India!

New You Hypnosis celebrates Independence Day of India. The celebration which took place at Pioneer Square was a beautiful experience for all. A lot of people from around the world visited New You Hypnosis booth and was able to learn about hypnosis or perhaps feel a bit more relaxed. The performances brought a sense of joy and everyone was a delight at the event. Namaste

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Bach Flower Remedy- All natural tinctures made from flowers

The good news has been around that all- natural tinctures made from flowers, the Bach Flower Essences are completely safe, have no side effects, and work very gently with the psyche to release and balance negative feelings, moods, and attitudes. Eighty years ago, Edward Bach challenged medical conventions with his discovery of what is now accepted mind- body connection and affects of well being. Bach invented a system of flower essences, comprising 39 remedies, which work by directly to help emotional and mental outlook. New You hypnosis systems utilize a holistic approach to well being encompassing all to aspects of self to become harmonious- mind, body, and spirit connection. Feel free to ask about Bach Flower Remedies during a session.

You Can Create Your Dream Job

Chris Guillebeau did it again! He wrote an inspirational and down to earth book about the courage and thought process to go for and create your dream job. Going for your dreams takes courage. I've been a fan of his for many years and his book Born for This is a must read. 

Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Non-Violent World

A Book by G. Scott Brown he is the messenger of Peace through his work: guiding, writing and through his travels sharing ways people find a mindful path to a non-violent world. This is a book of the underlining spiritual tools and process moving forward in pursuit of a peaceful world. There's a book signing with his new release as well as a speak easy and guided meditation at The Flanders House August 16th, Tuesday 6:30- 8:30 pm.

Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Debra Wilde is a Portland artist and designer which used her years of studying art, color and design and came out with a book which also highlights color therapy. On her website www.debrawildedesign.com people may gift themselves with her book and if they are interested in helping out with the Portland gloom they may find the color therapy lighting set very healing.

Good News

Good News is inspired for the desire of positive news. Good News could be in the form of paying it forward, personal enlightenment, sharing simple joy, and positive events within a community and globally. I inspire to list and share positive stories about good news and keep positive vibrations and good karma on going. Feel free to write to me if you want to share Good News at newyouhypnosis@gmail.com