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You Hypnosis offers transformative lifestyle and wellness programs tailored to the individual with the guidance of experts in specialized fields. 


Life is full of challenges and often we can get lost and overwhelmed not knowing where to start. You Hypnosis brings solutions to your problems by bringing clarity to the subconscious mind. You will also learn from each session mind-body medicine techniques to bring mindfulness into your life. 

 Ask yourself what problems am I facing in my life right now? 

You Hypnosis is here for you connecting the dots to life's challenging problems. Imagine having a full, balanced, healthy, and harmonious lifestyle. It is your birthright to be living a life which supports you and provides you with joy and abundance. 

We offer Hypnotherapy Programs in the following:

  • Weight Loss,

  • Smoking Cessation,

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction

  • Healing From a Breakup

  • Personal Branding, and Past Life Regression